What Gives Them The Right?

It is My Decision To Make, Not The Lawmakers!
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I can not express enough my disdain for the reversal of Roe vs Wade, and the reasoning behind the striking down of an important issue for women. Can someone tell me why the government has anything to say about a woman’s body, and their right to choose what they do with it?

I really don’t think that the government thought through the ramifications of their opinions, or the effect of banning abortion will have. Because if they had they would realize that banning abortion, will cause hundreds, if not millions of deaths, due to unwanted and unintended pregnancies.

Here we go again with history repeating itself. Has the government truly forgotten what it was like when abortions were illegal? Or the number of women who died as a result of unsafe abortion procedures?

Let’s take a look at the unsafe methods used to abort unwanted pregnancies. Some of those methods included drinking toxic fluids such as bleach, drinkable concoctions mixed with livestock manure, or turpentine. Other unsafe methods such as inserting herbal preparations, twigs, coat hangers, and chicken bones into the vagina or cervix, all of which were performed in unsanitized facilities. Some women even went the distance of hitting their abdomen with blunt instruments and jumping down some stairs.

All of these unsafe methods have either led to hospitalization or death. Those who were lucky to survive would suffer from genital trauma, sepsis, necrotic bowel, infections or hemorrhage, and infertility. Women who have no say over their bodies will have no choice but will go through extreme measures to abort an unwanted child, the stricter the restrictions, the more deaths or self-termination trials will take place.

The government is always talking about people on welfare, how women are having babies to stay on welfare and/or get an increase on the funding they receive, well guess what, they just gave those baby makers the green light to continue to do so. And now that it seems certain that Roe vs Wade is going to be overturned, the government can expect to have many more mothers signing up for welfare. Why? There will be more women having children, and most of them will not be able to take a child on their salary, or as a single parent.

As it stands the federal government provides subsidies to low-income families and individuals, through welfare programs, food stamps, temporary assistance for needy families, and housing assistance. These are the stats from 2021:

  • Over 59 million Americans receive welfare during an average month.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP)
  • Children, the disabled, and the elderly are the majority of public benefits recipients.
  • More women than men are dependent on food stamps.

Women being forced to carry a baby that they don’t want may put the child up for adoption, however, should there not be a family member who is slated to adopt that child immediately after birth, that child goes to a government-run adoption agency-foster care or a private adoption agency-(both are funded by the government in one shape or form). In 2020, the US government spent a staggering $4.3 billion to foster care agencies. The number of children in foster care was estimated to be 400,000+. This number will definitely increase as a result of unwanted pregnancies.

How much do you know about adoption? Did you know that there are a higher number of children being adopted internationally than in the United States? And those that are adopted, are not always out of the woods of danger. There are heartless people who adopt children both domestically or internationally, to use them as their “housekeepers,” (more like slaves), with small living quarters, but many chores around the house, and worst with the sad increase in trafficking, some adopted young girls are being turned out at a very young age. As opposed to going into the gory details, I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Child Abuse of Children by Ageper 1,000 ChildrenPerpetrators
Child Abuse
The NumbersCommon
Forms oo
The Numbers
In less than a year25.1%Mothers221,372Neglect470,297
Age 111.2Fathers138,803Physical Abuse101,961
Age 210.4Two parents122,015Sexual Abuse57,963
Age 39.7Mother & non-parent37,064Psychological Treatment 39,652
Age 49.0Relative32,037Medical Neglect1,287
Age 58.8An unmarried partner of the parent19,370Sex Trafficking953
Age 68.3Father & non-parent6,910
Age 77.92 patent and non-parent5,230
Age 87.4Friend & Neighbor3,961
Age 97.1More than one non-parent perpetrator2,504
Age 107.1Child daycare provider2,103
Age 116.9Foster parent1,990
Age 126.8Other professionals1,187
Age 136.6Group home & residential facility staff 1,180
Age 146.33 parents355
Age 156.0Other18,966
Age 165.2
Age 173.6

Let’s take a look at the statistics of the 2020 report, the rate of child abuse cases in the United States by age (per 1,000 children), children not wanted by their mothers, father and/or relatives. and the number of cases of abused by type of maltreatment,

As you can see from the numbers, the US already have big problems with adoption, and child abuse, ones that will surely increase if mothers lose their right to choose. Although I personally don’t believe in abortion, I would consider it should something drastic happened to me (such as rape), which some women won’t be allowed to do have an abortion should this situation were to occur, (in certain states). Which begs the question, “Will banning abortion actually save the lives of children, or put them in potential danger?”

What are your thoughts about this subject? Please do share…


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